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Affordable Housing

Your Guide To Everything Affordable Housing


What is affordable housing? 

Affordable rental housing is for people with incomes that are very low, low or moderate. It’s quite a range, but then there are a wide variety of people who can access affordable rental housing.

The rent for these affordable studios, units and houses will be at least 20% less than market rent. For example, if the market rent is $500 a week, then the affordable rental amount would be $400 a week. If you are eligible for affordable housing, this can make a big difference to your weekly budget.

Most affordable rental housing is managed by not-for-profit community housing providers. Each property has its own eligibility criteria, and the providers assess applications like yours against these criteria when they are determining eligibility.

If you are keen on applying for any of this kind of properties, you can rest assure that your individual circumstances will be assessed with each application. More information on affordable rental housing can be found at: www.facs.nsw.gov.au/

How are affordable housing rents set?

Affordable housing rents vary and are subject to market conditions. These rental amounts are usually offered at 20 – 30% below the market rate and are subject to the affordable housing criteria. When applying for affordable housing properties there is no minimum threshold, but you cannot exceed more than 30% of your weekly income in rent.

Who can apply for affordable housing?
  • Very Low, Low and Moderate income
  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Key workers - Nurses, police, fire, ambulance, etc
  • Incomes under $60,200 for a single person and $90,300 for a couple

These amounts are based of the minsters guidelines for the rest of NSW income tables

For further information on eligibility for affordable housing go to www.welcomemat.com.au


WelcomeMat is Australia’s first bespoke tenant-matching platform for affordable rental housing. WelcomeMat will help you:

  • Get access to the very best affordable housing.
  • Search for and find all your options in one place.
  • Assess your eligibility quickly.
  • Apply online with a time-effective, streamlined process.
  • Get email alerts for eligible affordable rental houses when they get listed.

WelcomeMat will help you navigate your affordable rental housing journey and secure your next property. Key2 Realty works in conjunction with WelcomeMat for all our Affordable Housing properties.



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