We believe in supporting the community.

Every dollar we make goes to helping local community members who are in need.

A property management company with a heart.
Now, that’s different.

We will look after your Central Coast or Hunter region investment property with our heart and soul in more ways than one.

Key2 Realty’s point of difference is that profits are distributed to support programs that provide opportunities for those community members who are less fortunate. These programs are offered to Pacific Link Housing tenants and provide them with tools for self-improvement, skill development, greater independence and ultimately, self-belief. Landlords can choose from three programs which will provide lasting outcomes and a brighter future for those in need.

Programs supported by Key2 Realty include Education Scholarships, Learner Driver Courses and a program referred to as SHEW, which enables young tenants to participate in Sport, Health, Exercise and Wellness activities.


The Education Scholarship program assists primary, secondary or tertiary students with the costs of education such as laptops, software, private tuition, course fees or textbooks.

Awarded twice each year, the program assists individuals to continue with their schooling or embark on a new area of study. It is encouraging to see what students can achieve in their studies with some practical and moral support!

“From the scholarship I was provided with a new laptop which was a huge help when I enrolled in a TAFE course. Now I am studying my Cert IV in Aged Care and am absolutely loving it! I am really looking forward to starting my work experience.” Natalie, Berkley Vale


The learner driver program assists individuals who are applying for a driver’s license by providing an information pack and 11 driving lessons with NRMA’s Safer Driving School.

The cost of professional driving lessons can make obtaining a license unattainable for individuals on a lower income. This program eases that financial burden and helps to improve the knowledge, independence and confidence of learner drivers.

“The professional driving lessons were so helpful to me and the money I saved went towards buying a used car. I have more work opportunities now because I don’t have to rely on buses and trains to get there.” Kevin, Woy Woy


The ‘SHEW’ Program provides opportunities for young tenants to participate in sport, health, exercise and well being activities. It not only helps with fitness and health, but also encourages the formation of life-long friendships.

It is a huge confidence boost for young tenants to be able to participate equally in these activities. Turning up with the right uniform and equipment is so important for their self-esteem and to feel part of the team.

“With SHEW funding, I signed my daughter up to netball classes. It helped to pay for the registration, uniform and even some new runners! Her confidence has improved, and I love to see her being active after school with new friends.” Kristy, Windale


Get a feel for how we help the local community by watching this video