Based on the Central Coast

Property management that is good for you and good for the community.


Key2 Realty is a social enterprise owned by registered charity Pacific Link Housing that provides expert property management services to landlords, with the aim of meeting a social need. We refer to it as purpose-driven property management.


We are 100% owned by a charity and profits are used to improve the lives of those in need

Profits from our property management services are distributed to support programs that provide education and employment opportunities for vulnerable community members. These capacity building programs are offered to Pacific Link’s tenants and provide them with tools for self-improvement, skill development and greater independence. The ultimate aim is that tenants improve their quality of life and move on to mainstream housing.

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Managing your rental investment property is our core business

Key2 Realty is solely focussed on managing rental properties and pride ourselves on our professionalism and local knowledge. Property management is our specialty. As a landlord, you’ll never have to worry about our priorities being shared with a sales or auction department.

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Jonathan McCaig

Jonathan has led Key2 Realty from the start. Originating from Ireland, but a Coastie for 40 years, Jonathan lives locally and has over 18 years’ experience in property management. He transitioned to this industry from the building trade, and worked as an integral part of a successful and award winning local agency. As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Jonathan’s involvement with Key2 Realty is driven by his desire to provide exceptional property management that will benefit both property owners and tenants.

“There is so much potential for progress in the property management space on the Central Coast, at Key2 Realty our profit-for-purpose mantra offers something completely different and new for our clients, and coupled with our experience and commitment to service excellence believe we have a business model that will be game changer for property investors.”

Scott Falzon

Scott, Licensed Real Estate Agent, has been working in the Central Coast property market for the last 16 years and helps clients purchase premium investment properties. His particular strength lies in securing the best possible tenants to maximise his clients’ income and protect their investments long term. Scott’s skills include selling and marketing property, property management, commercial management, holiday and hotel leasing and strata living.

“Key2 Realty has proven that expert property management services can be delivered to landlords, while helping community members who are in need.”


Key2 Realty is the preferred agent for the following organisations who seek to head lease private residential property from investment property owners:

Key2 Realty is the preferred agent for the following builders and property developers who build-to-rent and retain for themselves or their clients:

Other local organisations who support Key2 Realty and our social enterprise philosophy:


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